"My baby at birth weighed 3 lbs 9 ounces born at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia and aging placenta is now 4 months and a hefty 13.5 lbs - right on track. I spent 36 days in the hospital on bed rest and another 13 days in the NICU with by my baby bed side and breast feeding. Bed rest mommies, stay positive! It's all worth it and your pot of gold awaits you at the end of your rainbow."


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"I just wanted to take the time to tell you how wonderful this support is. I wrote in my 17th week when I was diagnosed with placenta previa. I was put on full and then partial bed rest until week 38. At 39 1/2 weeks I delivered a very healthy 8lb 14oz boy. During my difficult time in bed you found me a buddy. Lisa was the biggest help to me and gave me such wonderful support. She "talked" me through many difficult times. It was comforting knowing someone else had been through what I was going through and had a good outcome. I don't think I could've gotten through it without her. She helped me to think positively. Thank you so much for sending her to me. We still write every now and then and she has become my friend. Keep up the great work!"



"I just wanted to thank you for hooking me up with Margie. She was a great support during my pregnancy. She was always there to let me vent, but not intrusive. Just being able to talk to someone who has been through a similar experience was helpful. You provide a great service. Thank you!"



"I wanted to let you know what a blessing you were during my pregnancy! Thank you! I am fortunate to have recovered from the hyperemesis about 3 weeks after Nathaniel was born. I am also having no problem regaining the weight I lost. Again, I wanted to properly thank you for the tremendous support you offered at a terribly challenging time in my life.



"Praising God for you Kristen and for Sidelines! I truly appreciate all your kind e-mails during my pregnancy. You brightened my days with your kind words and concern. You are truly an angel on earth. I pray that your life is filled with as much joy as you give to others. Thank you for everything. I had a successful kidney transplant on November 21st. Things are going well. Life is grand! I never realized I Iived with so much pain. Having renal failure for several years I learned to live with the discomfort. I have a whole new outlook on life and I am able to enjoy every moment with my children. Life is precious and my family and I are so thankful. We appreciate all Sidelines does and we are very thankful for the volunteers. Becoming a volunteer myself is one of the greatest gifts I can give to help other mothers in need. Thank you again for supporting me and enriching my life."



"I do not know if you will remember me. You were my Sidelines support person last year when I was pregnant and on bed rest. I finally found your e-mail and wanted you to know that I gave birth to a boy, 5lb. 13oz. He was born c-section. It was a very trying time when you were talking to me, my husband losing his job, trying to kill himself, and the move. Thanks for being so supportive. You must have thought that I was crazy. But we made it through. My husband is working and [our son] turned a year on the 20th. It is like a big dream. Thank-you so much for caring, and if you get this and remember me, please e-mail me back; I would love to send a picture of my miracle. Thanks again and I hope that you remember me."



This next one is from a woman who was told her pregnancy probably wouldn't make it.


"I just wanted to thank you all for being so great - I went to my weekly prenatal appt. today (my day out each week) and got a good report. The fluid in Baby B has stayed at a good level and we now have gone from most likely delivering @ 28 wks, and then last week he said I should make it to 32 weeks, and today he doesn't see why I wouldn't make it to 34 weeks!!!!! WOOHOO! He says everything looks good and now I may just have "normal" twin complications. He is also keeping me on strict bed rest because he doesn't want to change anything at this time. He keeps saying whatever we are doing is working. He also thinks the girls may be identical!"



"Hi! My name is Linda and I recently requested your help for my difficult pregnancy. Thanks to the wonderful support from my Sidelines volunteer, Lynda, I now have a beautiful baby boy! I just wanted to thank your organization, especially Maggie Parke, for matching me up with my volunteer to help me through a very high-risk pregnancy. Lynda and I had so much in common, both medically (with our former losses) and personally. We are the best of friends now and I'm sure that we will keep in touch over the years. Thank you, Sidelines, for being there for me! What a wonderful organization! Please add me to your list of potential volunteers to help future pregnant ladies."



"I had my baby on Friday! Ethan Lucas was born at 4pm and weighed in at 6 lbs. 11 ounces, 19 inches long. It was totally uncomplicated - no pre-eclampsia or HELLP this time. And we all came home this afternoon. Sidelines has been a great net beneath me during this very stressful pregnancy."

Melissa and Lucas


"I want to thank you for giving me a wonderful support person. Tena has been so supportive and helpful. She is always checking in on me and giving me great answers to all of my many questions. I am already 32 weeks; I can’t believe it is almost over. The bed rest for the past 26 weeks has been so difficult but my support person has really made it easier and less stressful. It is wonderful to have such a helpful organization like Sidelines. You are really making a difference in bedridden and high- risk pregnancies. Thank you again"



"Without going into too much about my own struggle of severe hyperemesis- I wanted let you know - I found Sidelines from a binder that my home care nurse provided to me. I was immediately matched to Erika who called me within a day. Within the first five minutes, I knew she would be the person I was looking for. Erika explained her struggle - she reassured me that I wasn't alone. We went over both my emotional and physical feelings. She suggested different ways of dealing with both. She recommended web sites and books as well as the promise that she was there for me at anytime I needed her (and I knew she meant it!). Erika continued to check in on me regularly and reminded me of the prize at the end of the journey. I landed in the hospital a few times and due to Erika's knowledge, I was able to suggest things to the doctors that they had either neglected or were unaware of. When my son is able to understand "the birds and the bee's", he'll also be taught that Mommy and Daddy made him - but Erika made sure he was born. Thanks to your Organization and Erika!"



"I just wanted to let you know I have been in touch with a really nice person with Sidelines in Redondo Beach, CA. I am looking forward to communicating with her or a regular basis and am grateful I found your organization! This is a great help."



Thank you so much for all the support you and your staff have been giving me. I am in my 25th week and I am doing very well. I am getting a lot of bed rest like I was told, and I plan to deliver on time. If not, I did my best. Thank you for all your help and continued support."



"My name is Angie and I live in Sydney, Australia. About 12 months ago you set me up with a Sidelines buddy - her name is Angele, and she lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I just wanted to say thank you so much for setting me up with Angele. She is an absolute treasure. Over the last 12 months, we have emailed each other almost every single day. When I get to work in the morning and see Angele's name in my email in-box, my spirits lift. The last 12 months have been very tough for me. I suffered another miscarriage, had a failed attempt at IVF and am currently doing another cycle of IVF 'as we speak'. She has 'held my hand' every step of the way, and her support has sometimes seemed like the only thing holding me together. I don't know how I would have coped without her. I am proud and very fortunate to call Angele my friend, and I will always be very appreciative to Sidelines for making that possible. I have promised myself that one day I will travel to Louisiana to visit Angele and give her a huge thank you hug in person! My relationship with Angele has inspired me to look into what buddy programs may exist in Australia, as I am sure there are hundreds of women here that would love to have an Angele themselves. Just wanted to let you know that what you do for people means so very much - thanks from the bottom of my heart."


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